Specifically menfolk. As I have mentioned, I am a nanny, and one of the kids I look after is in first grade. Lately I have noticed (at pickup on the playground at the end of the day) that there is a male teacher at his school who is super attractive. He does not wear a ring so he is presumably not married, although you never know and anyway he could be seeing someone even if he isn't married.

He teaches kids older than my young charge, but I am not sure which grade because I can't tell by looking how old a child is. In the afternoons, he is standing outside with the kids, waiting for their parents to come get them. Without creepily staring (I have to stand outside with the toddler waiting for the older kid for ages because his class is often late, so I am going to be standing there anyway), I've seen and heard some of his interactions with these kids, and he seems like a great teacher. Yesterday I saw him get down on his knees and speak in a low tone to scold, and call other kids down when they laughed at the kid who was in trouble—that level of sensitivity makes him about 1000% more attractive than even his already scruffy hotness does. Of course I don't know him at all but I am interested in meeting him because maybe we'd hit it off. Could I just walk up and say hi? The very thought of doing that makes my whole body freak out from nervousness.

My friends think it would not be weird for me to talk to him, since I am standing around with the toddler both while I wait for the older kid, and as soon as the older kid arrives he gives me his backpack and runs off to play with the other kids anyway. I know he is at work though, and once the kids are all picked up he is probably wanting to get back into the building so he can get lesson planning done. He would probably not be interested in me anyway.

Ugghhh, this is one of my problems with men. If a guy doesn't talk to me first, I assume not only that he isn't attracted to me, but that he probably wouldn't be upon talking to me. He doesn't teach my charge so I would never need to talk to him again (I will likely move on from this job before next school year) if I embarrassed myself, but still. My other main problem with men is my own personal trust issues, so add those together and I go long periods of time without dating. I also am rarely attracted to men that I meet or encounter (I think some degree of belief that a guy is a decent person might be needed for me to feel attraction? Otherwise I am not sure why this is because I don't think I am THAT picky), so I feel like I should try to change my ways and at least try to have a normal human conversation with a man, if only to prove I am not a robot.

My ideas about how to do this: open with a question about the school schedule or some upcoming event, segue into a conversation about working with kids in which I mention my job, (perhaps mention my roommate is an elementary school teacher or is that weird?), and then.....idk. I promise I am not this dysfunctional when a guy starts talking to me first! I can hold up a convo in a bar as well as anyone but in this situation I feel like I need an excuse to talk to him.

You might have picked up on the fact that I am introvert and don't know how to human. Please send help!